NEW Restoring Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

Natural cleanser for sensitive facial skin that defends against pollution and stressors of an active life. The Restoring Face Wash for Sensitive Skin leaves the face clean, hydrated, & healthy, supporting the restoration process of damaged skin. The Restoring Face Wash for Sensitive Skin harnesses plant extracts unique to Thrive plus a combination of high quality botanicals to protect your skin.

  • Extremely gentle formula designed to care for sensitive skin. Its ingredients enhance the lipid layer and hydrate and cleanse without over-drying, leaving the skin soft and moisturized.
  • Powered by plants, backed by science. Plant oils from Costa Rica unique to Thrive, like Fierrillo, deliver extra antioxidant and healing properties to an already powerful formula.
  • All the strength of a regular face wash, with non of the synthetics nor harmful side effects for sensitive skin.

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