NEW Restoring Face Balm for Sensitive Skin

Natural moisturizer for sensitive facial skin that leaves the face hydrated & healthy AND restores skin damaged from the daily stress and pollution of an active life. Thrive Face Balm for Sensitive Skin harnesses plant extracts unique to Thrive plus a combination of high quality botanicals to protect your skin.

  • Hydrates and repairs without irritating, while effectively calming sensitive skin and delivering long-lasting protection from exposure to pollutants and the daily stress of an active lifestyle.
  • Powered by plants, backed by science. Clinically tested ingredients, like Wakame Seaweed and Tazman Pepper, combine with plant oils unique to Thrive, like Fierrillo, to form a formula carefully designed to care for sensitive skin.
  • Raises the bar for effective care of sensitive skin, plant-based otherwise, and does so with no synthetic ingredients or fragrances.

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