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Thrive Natural Care

A unique natural grooming experience that creates positive impact plant by plant.


A Bigger Positive Impact

When you purchase and use Thrive, you're not only taking care of your skins health.  You're directly supporting a remarkable team of farmers and entrepreneurs dedicated to the idea that we can all leave things a little better off than we found them.


A Positive Footprint

We're passionate about leaving things better than we found them. Which is why Thrive's team of rural farmers, herbalists, entrepreneurs, and ecologists aim far beyond sustainable.

Our Restorative Gardens in Costa Rica use native plants to improve soil & biodiversity on degraded lands, boost farmer incomes, and provide a high-quality supply of plant oils for our products. Your purchase grows this positive footprint plant by plant. 


Own The Day

Your morning ritual sets the tone for your day. Thrive's artisan-designed products are made with unique Costa Rican plants oils. So your skin feels clean and energized, giving you healthy momentum to #OwnTheDay


What Our Customers Say About Us

“I love the Thrive Energy Scrub, it smells wonderful and the coffee used as scrub is both ecological and leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh...”

– Energy Scrub review by Lauren.F

“… My husband became an instant fan after the first shave!…Amazing smooth, close shave - vastly superior to gel or foam. I can't recommend this product enough. Get it for the guy in your life!”

– Shave Oil review by Mary B.

“I love this moisturizer…It feels great on my skin when I apply it, not too greasy, just fine. It smells great and after a few weeks of use I definitely feel my face skin more hydrated...”

– Face Balm review by Pablo

“… The scent is mix of Costa Rica and bourbon (you have to smell this stuff to understand how good it is) …If you've ever wondered what "The Most Interesting Man in the World" uses to wash his face -my money's on this.”

– Face Wash review by Lane

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