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Get Your Skin Fall-Ready With Our Easy Skincare Routine

Get Your Skin Fall-Ready With Our Easy Skincare Routine

There’s so much we love about fall—the coziest season. We’re enjoying the outdoors, savoring our favorite seasonal traditions, and our minds and bodies feel recharged. Fall gently nudges us back into our routines. Now is the perfect time to invigorate your fall skincare routine.

Our skin changes with the seasons and is influenced by the temperature dip outside and the increase in temperature inside. Exposure to wind, sun via the adventurous fun you are having, shows up on your skin, too. Typical, uncomfortable skin irritations include dry, flaky skin. Not to worry, you’re in good hands. We have you covered with a three fall skincare tips to incorporate into your routine that will keep your skin healthy and looking its best.

Skin Recovery Serum: Firms, Hydrates, Brightens

Consider Thrive’s Skin Recovery Serum like a solid 401k plan for your skin. For those aged 30+, now is the time to seriously invest in healthier skin and address the signs of environmental stressors that are appearing. This is a great skin serum for sun damage and a great skin serum for dry skin.

Smile, your return on investment is two-fold. You achieve healthier skin with plant-based natural products that work better than unhealthy synthetics. And your purchase has an inspiring impact: restoring degraded lands to health and boosting the lives of hardworking farmers and their families.

Thrive’s Skin Recovery Serum's all-natural, multifunctional product firms, hydrates, brightens, and energizes skin using Bakuchiol, a non-irritating alternative to retinol. Unlike conventional retinol that makes skin more sensitive to UV rays and sunlight, Bakuchiol is safe for daytime because it doesn't cause irritation in sunlight.  Now you’re free to enjoy the sunshine while benefitting from effective and safe skin care. With Thrive’s regenerative skincare, you can look better and live healthier.

Our unique serum gets backup support from glycogen and Instalift Goji™ to boost collagen and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation. This is an ideal skin serum for dry skin and sun damage. Yes, we packed in Thrive’s exclusive powerplants Fierrillo and Coralillo paired with actives Syricalm™ and plant-derived Hyaluronic acid to help your skin recover from sun, weather, and shaving irritation. When we say a product is multifunctional, we’re serious. The highly absorbable, lightweight formula makes it easy to apply (twice a day for best results) and go. 


Face Balm for Sensitive Skin: Hydrates, Restores, Protects

Fall skincare routine for sensitive skin

Right now, your skin is craving hydration and playing defense by battling the elements.  On top of that, sensitive skin tends to overreact to environmental stressors. Face Balm for Sensitive Skin is your first line of protection. This soothing daily moisturizer for sensitive skin is powered by two unique-to-Thrive superplant oils— Fierrillo and Coralillo—with potent anti-oxidants that out-perform conventional ingredients—to calm skin, reduce irritation, and help prevent damage before it starts. Luxurious Shea Butter, Macadamia, Olive, and Argan oils nourish and deeply moisturize the skin. And there is no fragrance added to this Face Balm for Sensitive Skin. A friendly reminder that additives and synthetic ingredients can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Now back to your routine. After your daily wash (or shave), apply the balm to your face and neck – it absorbs in a snap.

Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm with SPF 30: Protects, Hydrates, Restores

Fall skincare routines should include sunscreen

There may be less sun in the fall, but now isn’t the time to slack off when it comes to applying sunscreen. You need solid sun protection all year long. We can’t emphasize this enough. UV rays can burn and damage skin especially on reflective surfaces like snow. Skiers and snowboarders need to take further care because they’re at a higher altitude exposed to more intense UV rays.  And if you’re sweating you need to apply sunscreen more often. We’re talking to you our fellow weekend warriors, outdoor enthusiasts, (farmers’ market, and apple-picking lovers included).

Thrive Daily Defense SPF 30 is our pride and joy. We were determined to create a breakthrough sunscreen balm that felt more like an all-natural, plant-based lotion but that delivered effective, chemical-free sun protection—a win-win. Most natural mineral sunscreens have issues with sticky, greasy formulas that leave a white residue. Thrive’s Daily Defense SPF 30 delivers a safe, chemical-free, non-nano zinc oxide, in a mineral sunscreen that shields your skin from harmful UV rays. It is also easily absorbed which means you will use it every day to protect your skin, and that’s the whole point. This balm works triple duty: protects, restores, and hydrates. In addition to providing healthy sun protection, the balm is full of the anti-oxidant and skin restoring benefits of our exclusive superplants, Juanilama, Fierrillo and Coralillo. And you get a boost of all-day hydration thanks to Arabica coffee oil, and Wakame Kelp, Tazman pepper™ for extra protection from sun and skin stressors.

It is easy to make Thrive Daily Defense SPF 30 part of your daily routine. Cover your face with two pumps 15 minutes before you will be exposed to the sun—driving in your car counts, too. The two-ounce size makes it perfectly portable. Easy to slip into pockets or take on all your travels. If you’ heading to warmer climates for a beach vacation, rest assured this balm is reef safe. 

Your skin will look and feel better this fall with consistent use of Thrive’s healthy and safe products. Now you can focus on having fun. What activities invigorate you? We’d love to know. Message us on Instagram @thrivenaturalcare.

Save 20% on these essential fall skincare routine products by using code FALL20 now through November 15th 2023. 


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