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Leaving the world better than we found it

Leaving the world better than we found it

From farmers in Costa Rica to NBA Center Mason Plumlee, there is a movement afoot. A movement that is refining the art of business for a better world.

It’s led by a roster of doers and shakers who are building a skincare company to do it. It’s the future of business. And we’re here to create it with you.

Okay, that’s a bold entrance for a small business on Medium.

But it’s that boldness that drives our industry’s first regenerative business model. And it’s that adventurous spirit which fuels us to make truly unique, all natural, and effective skincare products.

We want you to feel good about who you are, to feel good about what you buy. Because together with you, we’re on a mission to leave the world better than we found it. From our farms, to your face.

Welcome to Thrive Natural Care. Here’s a little bit about us. And the bold stuff we’re up to right now.


Beyond Sustainable and the Art of Skincare

Have you ever pushed a boulder down a hill? Its momentum leaves a wake of destruction behind everything it touches. We knew, as a business, we never wanted to be that boulder.

So we asked ourselves, what if that boulder were restorative rather than destructive? What if everything we touch, is better for it? The faster we move and the quicker we grow, the more we restore. The more we improve the world around us.

Since 2013, we have ambitiously set out to create a business that does just that. We’ve found a way to create unbelievably healthy skin products while at the same time restoring degraded farmland and supporting rural farmers in Costa Rica.



We brought this dream to life with an incredible team of Costa Rican and American entrepreneurs, scientists, ecologists, traditional herbalists, and rural farmers who develop our unique plant-based grooming products without the synthetic colors, fragrances, and ingredients found in most skincare lines.


NBA Center Mason Plumlee Joins the Movement

Ambitious goals call for ambitious people. Our first brand ambassador is one of those people. We’re excited to be joined on our journey by 5-year NBA veteran Mason Plumlee, who believes in our mission and shares our vision for the future of business.

He also lives out those values on and off the court. His commitment to community and his determination to be himself at all times, truly resonates with our Thrive DNA. In our recent press release, Mason expressed his thoughts about the Thrive opportunity:


“Today, we all have the opportunity to make a difference by supporting social enterprises and small businesses, and Thrive’s restorative business model gives consumers a chance to have a positive impact.”


Quite simply, Mason gets us. So what does it mean when he says consumers can have a positive impact?

It means we are redefining purchasing power. It means your purchase itself is an act of activism for the health of our planet and the wellbeing of the people who helped bring that product from the farm to your face.

It means you don’t have to compromise your values to buy something that is all natural AND effective. You can feel good about being you, inside and out.


This is just the beginning

Ahead on this platform we’ll be sharing more about everything our business touches — the land, the farmers, the communities, and more. We hope it moves you. We hope it inspires others.

Do you remember that boulder rolling down the hill? Together with our Thrive community, we are building its inertia so that it cannot be stopped. It’s a movement that we hope moves industries. So that one day, it will simply be the way business is done.

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