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Best selling exfoliating energy scrub

Skincare’s Best Kept Secret

Incorporating a scrub into your skincare routine may sound like a good idea for the beauty and grooming overachievers out there. But we get it, when you're in wash-and-go mode, it's the step you're most likely to skip. Once you hear about the benefits package this scrub delivers, we think you’ll embrace how a little effort goes a long way to healthy, better-looking skin.

Not to boast, but it’s a fan favorite for good reason. And together we are working hand in hand to nurture superplants, restore land to health, and inspire a regenerative path for farmers around the world.

Softer Skin, a Healthy Radiance, and a Farewell to Clogged Pores and Ingrown Hairs

Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty. Even when washing your face faithfully, active skin accumulates dirt, oil, sweat, and sunscreen that calls for additional attention. This is especially true post-summer after your skin has survived the draining effects of heat, saltwater, and air conditioning. Our powerful, yet gentle Energy Scrub removes all the above while leaving you with cleaner, healthier, more radiant skin.

Now this is where the rubber meets the road and what makes Thrive’s Energy Scrub, unlike any other exfoliant. Beads in other scrubs are typically made of abrasive fruit pits or plastic microbeads. Fruit pits can cause microscopic tears to the skin, and plastic is environmentally damaging. Thrive’s Energy Scrub uses premium natural exfoliant beads from jojoba and carnauba wax, uniform in size, with smooth edges that won’t cause skin or environmental damage. This is a natural and gentle exfoliant alternative to polyethylene (PE) beads. It safely removes dead skin cells and dirt particles and helps to release trapped hair to avoid ingrown hairs.

We use the highest-quality plant-based biodegradable exfoliants and ingredients. And the kick from Arabica coffee energizes and improves your skin’s appearance without irritation. More benefits await. Unclogging pores is key to avoiding ingrown hairs. This is great news for shavers.

Let’s face it, whether you are shaving your face, underarms, or bikini line, it can be anything but a smooth ride. You risk getting cuts and nicks, razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs – the bane of shavers. Ingrown hair occurs when a hair that’s been removed starts to grow back and curves into the skin. Unclogging pores is important in preventing ingrowns. It gets gloomier. Once skin is damaged, and ingrown hairs surface, it’s an open invitation for germs to get inside the follicles and become infected. Unique-to-Thrive superplants (Juanilama and Fierrillo) are like your bodyguards that limit germ growth and provide antioxidant benefits you can feel.

When you shave, you are stripping away the outer layer of your skin—and with each stroke you are shaving away moisture. To counter that, instead of sulfates or other harsh cleansing agents found in most scrubs, we use cocoglucoside, a gentle but effective surfactant. Plus, added extracts effectively clean and replenish the skin without over drying. Thrive’s regenerative extracts are loaded with antioxidants and soothing benefits to help prevent damage before it starts. And glycerin provides deep hydration to replace moisture lost through shaving.

How Do You Incorporate Skincare’s Secret Weapon Into Your Routine?

Our advice is to use Energy Scrub two to three times a week for best results, depending on your skin type. (If you are dry, you’ll want to use less frequently. If you’re oily or combo, you can use it more frequently). Maybe after a workout, long hike, air travel, or if you see or feel signs of an ingrown. Apply a small amount to a clean, wet face and neck, underarms, body part of choice, etc. avoiding the eyes, lightly scrub, rinse off, and enjoy the results.

When you put Thrive’s Energy Scrub to work, you are also putting the power of regenerative plants to work. Thank you for making an environmentally safe, (the tube is made of recycled plastic AND plastic negative, meaning that each tube you purchase pulls the equivalent of two tubes from ocean or land-bound waste) smart choice for your health and our planet.

Thrive Energy Scrub Reviews: What Are Your Fellow Fans Saying?

Great Product!

“The Energy Scrub leaves my skin feeling refreshed and not dry. The beads are not harsh and do not leave me feeling irritated. This is a great add to my skincare routine.” -Katlin L.


“My skin is very sensitive so I don't have much luck with fave products. After scouring the ingredients, I got this scrub for my combo skin. I use every 3 days and sure enough my skin is clear, looks great. No acne, no rashes, I'm genuinely shocked this has worked so well (being plant based makes sense).” -D.A.

I love this!

“It arrived quickly with a sweet little thank you note and a sunscreen tester. You can tell that they take pride in their product. The face scrub bottle is very earthy and is very natural with a good amount of scrub. When I used it the first time, I was a bit shocked at how clean my face felt because I have numerous face scrubs and my face never feels like that with my other scrubs. Overall - very happy with the product.” -Saundra

Try skincare's secret weapon, Thrive Energy Scrub today & save 20% with code SCRUB20 until 11/10.

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