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Sun Care That Works All Season Long

Sun Care That Works All Season Long

As winter finally gusts its last cold front and the vibrant colors and warmth of spring are here, we hope you find yourself outside soaking up that Vitamin D more often. Unfortunately, your skin, just like you, has probably gotten used to being cooped up inside, with warm, recycled air drying it out. It’s also probably a shade or two lighter in tone. As you & your skin start to see those first days of full sun, you’ll want to protect yourself & prep your skin to be at it’s finest now that there is more of it to see.

As you get ready for warm weather, you’ll want to re-establish the right level of hydration for your skin and you’ll want to start upping your protection from harsh rays. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but that’s when sun burns and other damage occurs. But that’s no reason to fear the outdoors! Instead, get out there and enjoy everything the warmer weather has to offer.

Thrive has you covered from head-to-toe.

Luckily for you, our sun care is specially-formulated to bring you the protection you need. If you’ve been itching to throw that backyard bbq, start a flower garden, or go for that long bike ride, you’re going to want to armor-up. That’s why we recommend our BodyShield 50 for all active outdoor sun care needs. This all-purpose natural SPF 50 protection is ideal for all members of your family and is water-resistant so will continue to work whether you are sweating or in the water. As all good moms say, don’t forget to re-apply every couple of hours!

Our award-winning Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm is the perfect start to your daily facial routine for protection you can trust no matter where you go - moisturization plus SPF 30 level broad spectrum protection.

Reasons you’ll love our BodyShield 50:
  • No greasy, white residue!
  • Water-resistant & reef-safe!
  • High in antioxidant content so your skin gets (and stays) healthy with the help of unique-to-Thrive super-plants Juanilama, Fierillo, and Coralillo.

Even if you have a little too much fun, there’s a product for that.

We’ve all been there - that nap that started in the shade, ahem…went a little long. And then, there you are with bright red, itchy, burning skin. No need to panic. Thrive’s After Sun Recovery Lotion will calm and soothe angry skin, with plant ingredients like Jojoba and Aloe to take the sting out of the sunburn. Plus, it also helps to restore your skin health by bolstering your collagen production and strengthening your skin barrier. This can even help to prevent future damage from occurring so easily. 

Add a daily boost for your skin’s health.

While we’re really proud of our After Sun Recovery Lotion, we still recommend an ounce of prevention over a pound of the cure. On top of the daily sun protection, you can add another step to your summer skin care routine. Thrive’s Skin Recovery Serum reinforces the natural defenses of your skin to help prevent damage from occurring.

For those with sensitive skin — you’ve got options.

Our Daily Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin still brings all the benefits and powerful, potent ingredients of our Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm but it’s more gentle, is free of added fragrance and soothes skin irritation. 

No matter where you go this spring & summer, let your skin flourish.

Thrive products are formulated with your active lifestyle in mind — that’s why we love seeing our fans bring us with them on their adventures. While you branch out and enjoy the fresh air, remember to pack all the skin care essentials you need to make the most of the season in good health and good times.

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