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A feather might seem a strange emblem for a shave & skincare company. But Thrive’s team thought three elements of its backstory perfectly embodied our products and vision.

The Quetzal bird was revered by ancient Mesoamericans; its feathers symbolized freedom and were worn by the nobility and fierce warriors.

During the breeding season, the male Quetzal grows twin iridescent tail feathers up to three feet long, which he repeatedly grooms for maximum effect.

While endangered in much of Latin America, the Quetzal population thrives today in the protected lands of Costa Rica.

What type of aroma does this thrive oil have? Is it citrusy/lemon-lime or some other composition?

Customers typically describe the aroma of Thrive's Shave Oil as "citric", "earthy", "masculine", "wonderfully light" and "christmas-y" (which sounds like a good thing, at least for those who like Christmas;).
Thrive's Shave Oil fragrance is derived 100% from natural plant oils, no synthetic chemicals. Two special plants from Costa Rica with excellent skin protection properties--unique to Thrive's products--form the base, and are complemented by rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, orange, vetiver, and star anise oils.
Its one of the most unique and healthy shave oils available. We hope you enjoy it if you purchase. 

Are Thrive Natural Care products cruelty free?

Can Thrive’s Shave Oil be used as a pre-shave oil under traditional shaving soap?

Can I use Thrive’s BodyShave Oil and Thrive’s Face Shave Oil with an electric shaver?

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