Thrive Natural Care


We designed our supply chain so that the production of our raw materials improves
soil and rural farmer livelihoods, aiming beyond sustainability and fair trade standards.

An Inspiring Team

Our American and Costa Rican team of entrepreneurs, chemists, ecologists, traditional herbalists, and rural farmers joined together and created one of the most unique business models on the planet.

A Bigger Vision

We aim far beyond ‘sustainable’. Our Restorative Gardens use native plants to improve soil and biodiversity on degraded lands, while boosting farmer incomes and providing a high-quality supply of plant oils for our products. The more we grow, the more we can restore.

Progress To Date

Improved Biodiversity

As our products restore and revitalize your skin, they also do the same for the lands of rural farmers. Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, our farming practices actually improve biodiversity health.

Farmer’s Economic

Our farmers are true partners and the heart of our restorative model. Their hard work and insights have greatly increased the positive impact of our business model.

High Quality, Affordable Products

With our partners, we brought two new botanical oils to market, ensured a high quality supply, and reduced their cost by 70% to make affordable, quality products that our customers love.

Our Restorative Gardens

Our organizing idea is that the selection, growing, and harvest of our raw ingredients should actually  make the lands and farmers better off than before we started. Here’s what a restorative supply chain can do.

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