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Used by indigenous people for hundreds of years to soothe irritation, skin abrasions and a wide range of other conditions, the natural plant oil from Costa Rica has a nice minty fragrance. Independent studies have shown this oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant (87% more than vitamin E) properties that help combat razor burn, ingrown hairs, blemishes and the impacts of stress and pollution on the skin.*


This rainforest vine has been used by indigenous Costa Ricans for hundreds of years to help protect and heal their skin. Independent studies have shown this plant extract has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin healing, and antioxidant properties that can be helpful for promoting healthier skin after shaving, exercise, outdoor adventures, stress or combating the effects of pollution.*

Laura's formulas

The final ingredient on our unique products is Laura, her expertise and passion. Laura is our expert formulator and R&D lead.  An accomplished Costa Rican entrepreneur, she applied her dedicated craft to transform local plant power into our premium quality natural skincare products. No synthetic, mass-produced, ordinary products allowed!