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3 Ways to Level Up Your Winter Skincare Routine

3 Ways to Level Up Your Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skin Care Cold

You like living on the wild side, summer or winter. On the beach, or in the mountains. We get it, because so do we. So unless you’re somewhere with perennial beach weather (we see you, San Diego), those adventures are about to get a whole lot colder.

Think snowboarding with your buddies on a quick weekend trip. Or maybe even snow camping. Yes, that's a thing.

Unfortunately, so is the resulting dry skin, chapped lips, and even redness from your big adventures. And while the “Arctic Explorer” look was okay in the 1800’s, you need to look a little more put together when you roll back into the office Monday morning.

That’s why we’re here to help you level up your winter skincare routine so that your wintery adventures, or even your urban commute, don’t wreak havoc on your skin.

Tip 1: Moisturize twice a day

(Before and after hitting the slopes)

Your skin is essential for maintaining moisture.

If you have dry and cold skin, water evaporates off its surface rapidly. Losing that moisture contributes to even drier, and even cracked, skin.

Winter Skin Care

How can you combat this? An effective natural moisturizer. We recommend twice a day, right after showering and once more later on.

Any moisturizer that also combines argan oil into the formula is especially effective because of the natural hydration properties of this gentle oil.


Tip 2: Adjust your exfoliation routine

(Think less is more)

You get back to your winter cabin after skiing all day and your skin is dry, dry, dry. It’s taken a beating in the cold and under the winter sun. And this means you should exfoliate less.

Pay attention to how your skin feels. If it’s not too dry, exfoliating is fine, but it should still be less frequent in the colder months. Perhaps once a week.

That type of routine will still help restore your skin without exacerbating the dryness. A once a week date with your favorite scrub (something gentle yet effective) will also help improve the hydration effects of your moisturizer.

Tip 3: Use a gentler face wash

(Without compromising on effectiveness)

It feels so, so good to get home, get warm, and wash your face, cleansing it of a wintery day.

Ice Camping, Snow Camping, Winter Outdoors, Hiking

Without the right cleanser, however, your skin may not be so happy with that routine.

In a conventional face wash you’ll often find additives (like surfactants, which can remove good parts of the skin structure) and fragrances which leave your skin feeling dry, or even drier than it already was.

An extra plus would be a wash with an anti-oxidant rich formula to further restore skin to a healthier state.To help your skin maintain its natural oils while also combatting the drying effects of cold weather, use a face wash that cleanses and hydrates without these unnecessary and harsh ingredients.

Bonus tip for an active winter lifestyle

Sip water. More often, and more of it.

Let's say you have a 32oz bottle of water. Drinking it slowly over the course of an hour or two will help your body retain the water better than if you drink it all super fast.

It's especially tough in the winter because in cold weather you may not feel thirsty. But because your sweat evaporates faster, your body becomes dehydrated quickly.

So even if you're slowly teetering down the bunny hill (we're not judging), your body needs more water than it normally would to perform at its best.

Also be wary of the myth that drinking more water will help your skin stay hydrated. There's not much evidence to it, so stick to that moisturizing plan.

A Revamped Winter Skincare Routine

We know that your inclination for adventure isn’t dampened by trivial things like blizzards and a few degrees difference in temperature.

Be bold this winter, as you always are.

But know that the live-it-up winter lifestyle doesn’t have to wreck your skin, as long you up your game for the colder season.

Doing so will help you keep it rugged, without compromise, so you can hit the icy trails feeling confident in your skin and ready for your next adventure.

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