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7 Companies That Will Help You Leave it Better This Holiday Season

December 05, 2018

Here we are. The holiday season again. If you’re anything like us you’re a little uneasy about all the consumerism. But at the same time, you do want to get your friends and family something.  Something cool, and maybe unexpected. Something that also does the world good.

Naturally, you want it all.

We do too and that’s why we want to share with you companies that we love. They inspire us. They make awesome products. They make the world a bit better.

We have a feeling your friends and family would love a gift from a company that makes the world a little happier and healthier.

For those adventurous people in your life, here are 7 brands who can make your holiday giving a little more impactful this year.


Taylor Stitch

A San Francisco neighbor of ours, these ambitious folks create long-lasting men’s clothing for that guy who might go to the office and go trout fishing in the same day.

They’re also determined to use their company as tool to keep our wild spaces wild, to make our natural environments thrive.

Recycled fibers. Minimizing water usage. Eliminating chemicals and pesticides from their business activities. They’ve got the “look good and feel good” vibe. Sound familiar?



While we go farm to face, they go billboard to bag. Rareform makes unique backpacks and duffle bags out of vinyl billboard materials, which otherwise have a one-way ticket to the nearest landfill. The result? A product which is incredibly durable, made with recycled materials, and is truly a one-of-a-kind design.

They decided not to choose between making awesome products and doing good for the world. They do both and are thriving to the tune of 20,000 pounds of repurposed billboard a month.



What too often ends up as waste in the ocean is instead transformed into everything your far out friends and family could ever want. Skateboards. Surf fins. Even sunglasses. Through a whole lot of science and determination, Bureo makes these products out of discarded fishing nets from coastal communities in South America.

Sales of these products also finance sustainable projects in those communities, helping fight other forms of pollution.



From their famous “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign to their Worn Wear initiative, Patagonia is out to make the highest quality products so that you’ll only need to buy them once. That way, you and Patagonia can both reduce the water and waste footprint of that holiday gift.

Oh, and they also strive to use recycled materials to make that gear while paying close attention to people and planet, from the factory floor to that first weekend adventure.


Numi Tea

A Certified B Corp, these meticulous tea-makers use the real stuff in every bag. Fruit, flowers, or spices, it’s always organic and always free of mysterious “natural” flavorings or fragrances. We can certainly relate to that, as well as their commitment to regenerative agricultural practices.

From responsible packaging to investing in social businesses, their dedication to making a real impact is as strong as their dedication to making real tea.


Gracias Madre

For that someone who prefers the gift of experiences instead of things. Or for someone who simply loves Mexican food and lives in or near San Francisco. Down the road from our headquarters is this restaurant which proclaims “Our mission is love.”

Every plate is a plant-based wallop of Mexican flavor with ingredients sustainably grown in the local California sun. With this gift, every meal nourishes you and the community too.


Thrive Natural Care Men's Grooming and Skincare from Regenerative Plants in Costa Rica

You probably saw this one coming, it is our blog after all. But if your friends and family haven’t tried our natural (and yes, also effective) shave and skincare products you might want to let them in on the secret.

Our Costa Rican plants are unique to Thrive and are grown in a special way to make them more potent for your skin -- without being harsh on it -- while also improving the farmland of our farming families.

It’s all part of our year-round commitment, a farm to face promise, to leave things better than we found them.

Happy holidays and happy holiday giving from all of us at Thrive.

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