How to take care of summer skin for men? - Thrive Natural Care
How to take care of summer skin for men?

How to take care of summer skin for men?

July 18, 2018

My Bromance With Thrive Natural Care

Four summers ago, I tried Thrive Natural Care for the first time. And a bromance was born. I vibed with the values of the company — unconventional, adventurous, fun — and the quality of the skincare experience.

That bromance is still going strong, many sun-soaked adventures later. Why? When it comes down to it, Thrive takes care of my skin. Period.

What keeps this bromance fresh is that Thrive doesn’t stop there. It takes care of others along the way too. It’s that connection with something bigger that keeps me feeling great about Thrive and about who I am.

Thrive Skin Restoring Kit

When I tried Thrive, specifically the Face Balm, I had more confidence racing out the door for that morning run. It was like I had an adventure buddy who was up for anything and could keep up with my pace.

That buddy also kept my face moisturized and my confidence rocking. Because before I had found Thrive, the summer heat would dry my skin and I looked tired and worn out because of it. The Balm changed that.

I liked that feeling. I felt fly. Especially because I was doing it in a healthy way.

In Nature I Trust

I prefer to trust in powerful plants over the usual synthetics, and that’s another reason why I took a chance on Thrive some summers ago.

In the summer I sweat. It’s not sexy. But it’s true, consequences of an active lifestyle. Sometimes I break out because of it, which is why I wash my face twice a day in the heat.


Now, I’m no hippie, but when it comes to skincare products I like to know what I’m putting on my face.

I’ve traveled quite a bit, lived with indigenous jungle communities, and learned that plants are pretty awesome at healing. Like in Costa Rica, which has native plants such as Fierrillo and Juanilama, used by people there for generations for a variety of skin healing purposes.

They hadn’t been used in commercial skincare products until Thrive came along.

Juanilama packs in more antioxidants than even the famous blueberry and Fierrillo comes at your skin with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. They’re just crazy potent plants.

They’re a big reason why this bromance has lasted so long.

Pursuing Purpose

Since I was a kid I’ve been allergic to the status quo. I asked a lot of questions. And I still do because I still think the world is nuts in a lot of ways. I want to know why things are a certain way and how we can help make them better. How can we stop deforestation? What can I do to mitigate climate change? How might we be more welcoming to immigrants?

I like that Thrive also challenges the status quo. Products can be truly natural AND effective. A company can create positive impact AND be successful at the same time.

And looking great and feeling great on a wild adventure is just what we do. Together, we’re keeping life rugged and purposeful, taking care of ourselves along the way.

For both of us, along with this explorer’s attitude, is the determination to make things better. Whether it’s me volunteering to do ocean cleanup or Thrive making big bets on a beyond sustainable business model, we both strive to embody the transformation we wish to see in the world.

It’s not a do-it-my-way approach. It’s lead-by-example — show that it can be done and inspire others. Year after year, Thrive has shown that business as usual can mean continually improving farmer income and the biodiversity of their lands.

I keep Thrive in my life because Thrive continues to be an authentic leader in the pursuit of purpose, inspiring me to be such a leader as well.

Having too much fun

What’s a bromance if not a lot of fun? That’s how I feel about the morning routine, the cool plants, and being a bit crazy in thinking this all can help leave the world a little better than we found it (it really can).

Every morning it’s the refreshing lift I need because living bold can get dirty. When I reach for that Thrive Energy Scrub or Shave Oil, I’m doubling down on that determination to change the world and setting myself up to make it happen with products that simply get the job done.

And I’m reminded that my skin will be well cared for — no matter how long my outdoor adventures last — thanks to remarkable plants from a far-away jungle in Costa Rica.

I’m also reminded that there are passionate farmers in Costa Rica who really benefit (and their land too) because of the product in my hands.

I’m reminded that I’m not the only one blazing forward doing something about my desire to leave the world a little better than I found it.

So here’s to a bromance that energizes me to keep on keeping-on, in a healthy, crazy adventurous kind of way.


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