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The Shave Bar That Does a Whole Lot More Than Leave You Feeling Fresh & Clean

The Shave Bar That Does a Whole Lot More Than Leave You Feeling Fresh & Clean

Introducing our new Shave & Shower Soap

If you’re reading this, you probably know a bit about Thrive. Like you, we’re on the adventurous side. All about that get-things-done mentality. Driven to infuse our values in everything that we do.

And we’re not out here just trying to make a bunch of products.

We want to give you better products. Not more. There’s no need to jam 20 bottles onto your bathroom shelf when we can help you get the job done, naturally, with much less.

So when we land on a great idea, we’re driven to make it real and to bring it to you. To help make your life simpler, while giving you the best natural skincare you can find.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest product.

A truly natural shave and shower bar for everyday use and everyday skin care. For men, and for women, too.

Because we heard from all of you, not just the guys.

You are busy, out the door in the morning and home late. And that’s not an excuse for not taking care of yourself. You just need the right kind of product to get the job done.

We’re pretty sure our Shave and Shower Soap fits the bill. Here’s what’s in it, and why it just might be the next best thing in your shave and shower routine.

Turning to Nature’s Playbook

As you may know, synthetics are not our cup of tea (nor yours). Before taking to the lab to see how we could get all creative with a natural and effective formula, we had to track down exactly what nature had to offer.

We knew we wanted the bar to do more than just help you shave.

Clean your skin.

Heal your skin.


AND lubricate for a great shave.

That’s the perfect storm of benefits we wanted for you, and are now bringing to you.

That body wash you may have previously used tends to be full of synthetic ingredients which are meant to do that anti-microbial work. But those ingredients can be harmful to you and to the environment.

Our “hero” plants, which we use in most of our products, were a no brainer to help give you that anti-microbial and anti-fungal performance the healthy way, while cleaning away the dirt and grime from your day-to-day grind.

Fierrillo and Juanilama are especially powerful when it comes to shaving. In addition to helping heal skin (those sun-drenched hikes can take their toll), they are full of antioxidants and help clean and prevent ingrowns or infection.

Using no animal derivatives — which is common in traditional soaps — we instead went for just the right mix of other unique natural plant extracts to give it that high performance you’re used to, no compromises.

We threw in some burdock root to help calm the skin after shaving, lessening any irritation that you may experience.

A layer of luxurious oils and butters — baobab, cocoa, macadamia, shea — add to that great skin feeling by forming a soft layer of slick protection when passing that razor.

Its round shape also makes it easier to store in that soap dish and it fits perfectly in your hand for use in the shower when cleaning or shaving.

In addition to being plant-based, there was no testing on animals, the bar has no animal derivatives, is free of preservatives and artificial colors, and is vegan friendly.

Sure, we made it a bit hard on ourselves. But that’s what makes it an easy decision for you.

Checking all the boxes for a healthier planet

As a company we get up everyday with one thing in mind: leaving the world better than we found it.

So, naturally, our new shave & shower bar had to live up to that high standard. Beyond being a high performance product it had to “perform well” for the people and the planet who helped make it.

One of the things that we are most proud of achieving during the two year development of the bar is finding a way to use sustainable RSPO certified palm oil.

You have likely heard about palm oil production and its relation to the environment — the good and the bad. Naturally, we wanted to go all in on the good. Yes, it can be sourced responsibly!

Eventually, we found a sustainably sourced version that met our high standards (and yours) and we hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.

Where we could, we also took a regenerative agriculture approach to making those natural ingredients. After four years, we know that this is better — way better — for the land and our farmers. It improves biodiversity, soil quality, and helps the land produce more for our farmers which further supports their livelihood.

It also makes our plants that much more potent (in other words, full of nutrients), and therefore the shave bar that much more effective.

Where we couldn’t grow the plants ourselves, we found partners like the Kaibae Company (for the baobab oil), who shared our beyond sustainable values.

To top it all off, it comes in a compostable/recyclable container and, of course, the shave bar itself is biodegradable.

All this makes for a shave bar that isn’t just effective and really good for you, it’s a shave bar that’s great for people and planet as well.

A Shave Bar That Helps You Do More With Less

A natural, high performance face and body soap. A premium, rich lather for a healthy shave.

A gentle, but effective cleanse. A subtle, fresh scent.

For men, and for women.

For people that want simple, but effective. And world-changing, too.

It was kind of a crazy idea.

And it’s been a bit of an adventure getting it done, collaborating with our farmers, our scientists, soap gurus (yes, really), and conversations with you.

So don’t mind if we’re a little excited to be finally sending it out into the world, helping you make that morning routine a little less complicated, a little better for the planet, and a lot better for your skin.











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