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Never Stop Improving. Our New Shave Oil is Better for You and the Planet.

Never Stop Improving. Our New Shave Oil is Better for You and the Planet.

You made it up that trail in less than an hour. Better than last time, but you’ve got that itch to be even better. You keep pushing that limit. We can relate, because while we aim high from the beginning with our products, we never stop trying to make them better.

How else are we going to keep up with your ever adventurous lifestyle?

Just like Thrive Ambassador and NBA player, Mason Plumlee, tweaks his routine for better performance, we did the same to our shave oil formula and presentation.

Our original oil gave you a super close shave, and was full of antioxidants and other natural ingredients which left your skin healthy and moisturized.

In our new version, in addition to that smooth and happy skin, we made a few tweaks to the formula and the package, too.

The bottle has a sleeker look, is double the size (yes, double the shave oil), and we said goodbye to plastic in favor of glass.

You can take a closer look and get the new one here.

Still curious about what’s “under the hood?” Keep reading, trailblazer.

Same Great Performance, Just More of It

Once you’ve got the basics down, you keep at it, finding ways to do them better and better. We took a similar approach.

If you have used our shave oil before, you’ll still get that super close shave that you’ve come to expect.

During the shave, there’s still that immediate protection from irritation thanks to premium, natural oils, like Baobab, Olive, and Argan oil.

And after the shave and rinse, you still don’t have to worry about any of that uncomfortable greasiness that many other shave oils (or foams) leave on your face or, for those adventurous ladies out there, on your legs or underarms.

In fact, our new formula makes it even easier to wash off and it won’t leave behind any residue.

So in addition to a super close shave and an easy rinse, your skin will feel refreshed and moisturized afterwards (without any extra products).

Our Costa Rican super plantswhich are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, are a big reason why.

And, of course, they’re also still produced using our unique regenerative business model.

Aiming for Higher Performance

So, what’s new?

We went extra generous on the sunflower oil. Not just because we felt like it, but because our lab results kept shouting at us to do so. It naturally softens that pesky stubble and improves lubrication.

Our new formula also creates a very light white foam once rubbed in on your wet face. This makes it much easier to see where that razor has been and where it needs to go.

We’re especially stoked about this subtle change because making a light foam from natural oils isn’t easy. Our team from Costa Rica & USA is proud we pulled it off.

A shave is about getting ready to tackle the day (or even the night) so we also tweaked the fragrance just a touch to hit those subtle notes which awaken your sense of adventure.

It’s the perfect complement to the rest of the natural formula and to your already hard-working skin.

You’re going to look and feel better with this new addition to your shave routine, while making a difference for the environment. You can try the upgraded formula for 20% off this month only.

Making a Better Product for a Healthier Planet

We’re on a mission to eliminate single use, virgin plastic from everything Thrive, whether it’s on the shelves in Whole Foods or in your online shopping cart.

That means we’re moving to recycled plastic for some of our products and for others, like the shave oil, we’re introducing beautifully designed glass bottles.

This can make a huge (positive) difference for the environment.

Much like those mason jars your buddy uses to make kombucha, our glass bottles can be reused again and again. And once recycled, it’s a much cleaner process. You don’t have to take our word for it — we’ll leave this link here if you want to nerd out a bit more on the benefits of glass packaging.

Soon, you’ll be able to refill those bottles with all that Thrive goodness you had in there in the first place.

If you’d like to be the first to know about our refill program, drop us your email so we can keep you updated on our progress and invite you in when we’re live.

It’s going to be great. And you’ll be front of line for a limited number of Friend of Thrive discounts that we’ll offer our friends & family.

Because we’ve doubled the size of the bottle from 1 oz to 2 oz, you won’t have to refill or recycle as often either. That means you’ll need less bottles throughout the year, saving you a bit of dough, while we all reduce our environmental footprint because of it.

We’re a work in progress, but like you, we’re driven to keep on finding ways to be better at what we do and how we do it.

Our new shave oil is our latest example of that. So we invite you to have a shave and experience what high performance actually feels like before you go out and get after it yourself.

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